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Tarot of the Pomegranate video

The Major Arcana...

Created by An-Magrith Erlandsen

"The World" for January 2012

We enter the momentous occasion of 2012 with The World this month. This signifies the end of a great chapter and the beginning of a new one.
The World represents the threshold of beginning, as we close the door on the old ways of perception, and are propelled to a new level
of awareness of the natural world and our position in it. As we enter the new era listen to your dreams, in particular the between awake and dream state.
Write and contemplate the revelations that come to you, for they will assist you in your growth for this year. Withdraw from the cyber world and
remember the "real" world about you, especially your environment and how it may best serve you. Revitalize old traditions and grounding ceremonies.
Do not reveal your discoveries until you are ready, take time and learn patience. Now is the time to learn a new trade or art form, something that
your soul needs to assist in your growth. Remember to be thankful and cherish life about you. Every moment holds a key.
The World
5.2 ft. x 3 ft.
oil on canvas
An-Magrith Erlandsen

Judgement for December 2011

The great awakening is upon us in the Judgement card this month! It is time to meditate on all you've been through and learned this year.
New awakenings and realizations are available for you now. You will see the light in many situations that were murky or seemed beyond help.
You may attribute this to a spiritual awakening in yourself. You have in fact, reached the next level. Now is the time to excersize those dormant muscles
and discover the broader perspectives available to you now. Look beyond this obvious physical dimension and see with your new awakening third eye
the other worlds existing simultaneously with this one. Start with noticing the animal world, the plant world.. and move from there. Forgiveness is key
now for you will see your mistakes and others in a much deeper way. Nothing will be left in the dark anymore because we are moving into a new era
with the year shift to 2012. Our dormant "psychic" abilities will become stronger and more normal for everyone and an overall sensitivity will
permeate the consciousness of all. Those that are sober and awake that is.... stay away from all chemicals that may distort your reality and eventually
ruin your life. All the awareness and connection you strive for is available to you now but you must be literally "awake", "sober", "present".
For the greatest realization is that you are your own god and you create your own reality. Don't create a stuporous hell when you can be in paradise now.
oil on canvas, 5.2 x 3 ft.
An-Magrith Erlandsen

Manic Expressionism

The family: As in Nini, Poul & I were invited to be a part of a fascinating new film "The Life Infinato" by local Seattle film maker Joriah Goad this summer. We showed up for a couple of the shoots in myriad locations..and this is just a hint of what happened:
The original is finished but is in private viewing only at this time. Stay tuned for the public viewing soon to come!
All I can say is the art movement of "Manic Expressionsim" has taken a hold of my imagination and has inspired me..and now with our new art studio finished I'm ready to take the reins of the Chariot again and direct it into unknown territories of the mind and soul.
Life Infinato shoot ie: Manic Expressionism
The elders of "Life Infinato" film by Joriah Goad
"Life Infinato is one man's journey into the souls of many. Cast aside preconceived notions of cinema and self. Undress to honor the mystery in yourself and Mr. Goad's artistry which brings it out.

It is rare that a director doesn't need paintbrushes or colors to paint. All Mr. Goad has to do is pick up the canvas that is his camera and set it down where-ever he wishes. For he is present and when one is present Life unfolds, paints and keeps on giving. Watch as the world gathers in front of the canvas of a shared experience to express and celebrate the dawn of a new age.

Who said one has to go swimming in the ocean when the ocean is now a mouse click away!?"
-Bogdan Garev
It's happening again "Wonderland ~ a Bellydance Play" at Columbia City Theater Sunday Nov. 20th 7pm. Check out the article in the Seattlite about this show!!

Rebel Belle Productions Presents: 'WONDERLAND' -A Belly Dance Play
Written & Directed by Christina 'Medea' McKie

Show is at 7pm
Tickets: $15 advance, $18 at the door
Jump down the rabbit hole with us in a new twist on an old, familiar tale! It's 'Alice In Wonderland' like you've never seen it before--told through dance! Featuring performances by some of Seattle's finest dancers!

Starring: Angela Silling, Anwaar, Ava Raqs, Katana, Letty Limbach, Magi, Maureen, Medea, Miss J9 Fierce, Nalini & Co., Pandora, Sarah Kate Moore, Twilight.......and more amazing performances!
Video accompaniment by An-Magrith "Magi" Erlandsen
Wonderland~a Bellydance Play
Queen of Cups
oil on canvas, 3.6 x a ft.
An-Magrith Erlandsen
The Queen of Cups in November dives deep and goes within, back to her past, and then back further to her life before this one.
She is a believer in regeneration and accesses the sacred snake energy for full magickal remembrance. As the snake sheds its skin,
the Queen of Cups sheds her old life, and more specifically parts that need to go now. To realize fully what this means, one must
take the plunge into the depths of the icy Scorpionic November waters and stay true and focused on your journey so that you will
succeed in your magickal workings. What is your purpose? Hold fast to it. Beware of those that stand on the sidelines shouting words
of doubt and despair. They are still stuck in the crusts. When you dive deepest, as you will do now, you draw back the veil that reveals
only love and beauty and in this light, your destiny will unfold clearly. Stay focused on that clarity, remember and digest the feeling into you
and you will be strong enough to swim back to the surface of this world a new and regenerated and full being.
Join us this Sunday Nov. 6th at Columbia City Theater in Seattle for the premier of "Wonderland ~ a Bellydance Play" by Christina "Medea" McKie, with video accompaniment by An-Magrith "Magi" Erlandsen. The cast of Wonderland includes the cream of the crop of Seattle's local belly-fusion dancers of all genres!
You don't want to miss this unique never been done before adaptation of Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" set to Bellydance!
Wonderland~a Bellydance Play
!!!SAVE THE DATE!!! Don't Be Late!!!!

Coming Sunday, November 6th AND Sunday, November 20th at The Columbia City Theater!
Rebel Belle Productions Presents: 'WONDERLAND' -A Belly Dance Play
Show is at 7pm

Tickets: $15 advance, $18 at the door

Jump down the rabbit hole with us in a new twist on an old, familiar tale! It's 'Alice In Wonderland' like you've never seen it before--told through dance! Featuring performances by some of Seattle's finest dancers!

Starring: Angela Silling, Anwaar, Ava Raqs, Katana, Letty Limbach, Magi, Maureen, Medea, Miss J9 Fierce, Nalini & Co., Pandora, Sarah Kate Moore, Twilight.......and more amazing performances!
Follow us on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/messages/?action=read&tid=id.232126706850847#!/event.php?eid=229299650468007
ALAUDA's Spooky Halloween Bellydance Extravaganza Oct. 18th 7 - 9pm at Skylark Cafe & Club in West Seattle!!
3803 Delridge Way SW, Seattle
Magi, along with a Bevy of other Bellydancing Beasties, will be tearing up the stage this night! It will be Spoookilicious!!
ALAUDA Halloween night is on fb:
CABARET MACABRE at Columbia City Theater Oct. 31st 8pm Yes, that's right it's Halloween night! Get dressed up and come on down for the show of all shows. Music, Bellydancers, Troupe Hipnotica, Triptych, and an overall circus of freaks with local and L.A. performers "The Bad Things", Hostess "Diva Le Deviant".
4916 Rainier Ave. S. Seattle
The 8th Annual Cabaret Macabre is on fb:
Cabaret Macabre
For up to the min calendar on Triptych and solos by Magi, J9 Fierce & Xtina bookmark:

Tarot card for October; DEATH

Death comes in all forms, and this month look for it in unexpected places. Is it time to let go of a project that has run its coarse?
No matter how misunderstood you may be in breaking it off with the old you know it is time to focus fully on your new path.
Allow that path to open itself to you now. You have been safely treading along its edges for some time, caught between
the old you and the new you. Wake up! Dive into the depths completely.
Once you come back to the surface you will see a new world about you, one with more opportunities instead
of obstacles. One that allows you freedom of expression. The new door will not open until the old door is closed, in this instance
you must fully close the old door to fully reap the benefits of the new world that awaits you. It is a form of Death. Remember you have grown up,
while others in your sphere have not yet done so or may never do so. Do you want to continue to commiserate with them and thus stunt your soul?
Leave the safety net of your "mother" and come into your own world. You have earned it.
oil on canvas
5.2 x 3 ft.
An-Magrith Erlandsen

Triptych in NOLA Sept. 30th!!

An evening for ol' times sake

is the collaboration of ol time pals Vinsantos and Miss Oblivious.....

MUDLARK- the night will be filled with enchanted myths and remedy's through puppetry.....

TRIPTYCH- sultry turn of the century & Dark Fusion bellydance by three of Seattles top shimmy dames....

VINSANTOS- Thee macabre snob.....

BONBON VIVANT- a group of New Orleans musicians that will slither into your bawdy thoughts...

LEE KYLE- the clever and handsome southern gent of decadence...

MISS OBLIVIOUS- shop for dolls n doodads at her pop-up shop "Jump Sturdy"

Allways Lounge

2240 Saint Claude Ave

New Orleans, LA

Friday, September 30 at 10:00pm - October 1 at 4:00am

Triptych on tour to New Orleans!

Triptych's performance calendar: