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Strength for Feb 2012

This is the year of awakening the power of the Goddess within. It is about owning a strong inner conviction and expressing the dignity
that accompanies such strength of character. Women in all walks of life, all around us, child and adult will be owning this new yet ancient
wisdom of being. There will be subtle and sometimes drastic changes to the environment as a result of this power surge. Be aware, there
is no turning back once the dark glasses have been removed. Your clarity of vision will be so ecstatic you do not want to put the dark
glasses on again. You realize you own yourself, and the world around you is your oyster. Your wishes will come true if you want.
You will begin to transform this month into your true self. Prepare to meet your highest goals and aspirations. Love is all around you,
and your guides are nearer than they've ever been before. Listen, realize and act, do not hold back anymore.
oil on canvas
5 ft. x 3 ft.
An-Magrith Erlandsen