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Mercury moves out of retrograde this month on April 13th which means this will take a lot of stress off crucial decisions. This means we
are able to balance our energies harmoniously for the first time since January, only now we have renewed vigor and strength
evolving from the hardships of the retrograde pattern. Temperance allows us to center and take an evolutionary step towards healing
of our life and our spiritual selves. To make something out of nothing is the message of Temperance, to create something new such as
a work of art, and the Will of Art takes center stage. Gaia Earth speaks through her children, and Her will becomes truth.
Open up to Spring and the rebirth of all that is good and needful to bring the world back to forward evolution as we cut ties with
the past. Past bonds that are non essential and soul suppressive will cease to exist allowing the new light of life to bloom.
5.2 ft. x 3 ft.
oil on canvas
An-Magrith Erlandsen