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The Moon for May 2012

The "Super Moon" of the first weekend in May calls for a deep look at the meaning of The Moon in the Tarot.
A card of mystery and the unknown it positions itself as a wild card in a tarot spread. Questions will not be answered
for the answer is "unknown at this time". A hint of the dark side, spiritual misgivings and the hidden world come to mind.
The Moonalso reflects the deep subconscious, and things which were once hidden are bubbeling to the surface.
Depression, schizophrenia and disorientation may be the result if not acknowledged and dealt with correctly.
The results of a succesful journey through the dark side of the moon is enlightenment, fulfillment and renewed strength of charachter.
Rest assured The Sun follows the moon. There will be light at the end of the tunnel. On another level The Moon is a mystical card.
A time when the veilsbetween this world and the other are thin, and psychic revelation is clear and concise.
Your intuitive faculties are highly in tune.It is a fruitful time of inner reflection and accomplishing goals in your "Art"; painting, music, writing etc., and also a timeto discover your art and your soul's purpose outside of the normal everyday. It is a time to just trust the process and dive into the waters of your soul and discover who you really are.
The Moon
"The Moon"
5ft. x 3ft., oil on canvas
An-Magrith Erlandsen