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The Sun for June 2012

The Sun follows the moon into the month of June. Midsommer's eve celebrates the longest day of the year on the 21st.
This is a time of revelation and clarity, as the sun lights up the landscape revealing the death of winter's breakdown.
What was unknown last month in the time of the moon is now open for contemplation.
The dark side is revealed, showing its stolid face looking back. What is true and real will dissipate all that is inessential.
Focus, spiritual support and direction from the Will is revealed. The child like wonder of the Sun, and its incarnation
remind us of the wheel of life. Burn away the darkness of the night with a fire for her in celebration. Let it burn all night
to remember there is always light in the darkness, and through darkness comes forth the light. It is your Will.
The Sun
"The Sun"
5.2 x 3 ft., oil on canvas
An-Magrith Erlandsen