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The Hierophant for July 2012

The Hierophant rears his patriarichal head this July to remind us of our commitments, obligations and responsibilities
in regards to home, family and the environment. Now is not the time to let all your cares fly to the wind, despite the summer vacation.
In fact, you are more committed to your responsibilities more than ever because others are relying on you! Choices you make
these coming weeks could make or break you in other people's eyes, and this is why it is good to draw on the Hierophant.
The Hierophant reminds us of our loyalties, our long reaching goals, and to continue on the path towards them. However, this path
DOES NOT have to be straightn and narrow. Following your goals with focus and responsibility will unleash energies about you that will
precipitate unforeseen and most welcome changes. Advancement in insight, maturity and clear sense will be yours and you will be a step
above the herd as you stay strong in your integrity and service to those in your sphere of life, and to yourself.
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The Hierophant
"The Hierophant"
oil on canvas, 5 x 3 ft.
An-Magrith Erlandsen

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