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DEATH for October 2012

The veils between the worlds thin in the month of October. Nature sheds its old layers and prepares to go within for the
cold winter months ahead. As this shift in nature occurs our subconscious mind also sheds its worn out thoughts, and we become empty for this time.
Through death comes life. Right now you are walking the path between the worlds. Stay empty, and leave your old self behind.
Visualize your spine as a pillar of light. Keep your spine straight so that the new energies evolving within and without will be able to heal you.
Like a snake your old body will shed off and a new one will create from within. Experiment with these four sacred keys 1.every day drink large
amounts of water througout the day 2. listen to nature sounds 3. drink tea from a plant you pick leaves from. 4. Focus on the pillar of light inside you.
You will become more connected to the other realms and the gateway through the veils will become more clear as your awareness
is heightened. Sustain a relationship with the keys and you will continue to ascend.
5 ft. x 3 ft.
oil on canvas
An-Magrith Erlandsen